Recommendations for watching online theatre

Shows by Future V are shown on the digital platform Zoom. To gain admittance an active internet connection is required.

We recommend at least a 10Mbit download rate.

Teater V/Future V does not take responsibility for the audiences’ internet connection or hardware.

We recommend watching shows on a television by casting via Chromecast, Apple TV og by direct connection via HDMI cable. However, we only provide support for computers, tablets and mobile phones.

We recommend, that you download and install the Zoom app, but it is also possible to watch our shows directly in your browser.
NOTE! Zoom works in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, but not in Safari and Internet Explorer.

During the show, it is up to you, if you wish to have your camera on or off. All audiences’ microphones will be mutes upon entry. This makes it possible for all participants to hear the actors, and not each other.

You can interact by using the “reaction-button” in the bottom right corner of your Zoom app/browser. You can “applaud” or give a “thumbs up” to the actors during the show and/or after. The actors can see and sense your emoji-interactions, just as you can see and sense their presence.

If you have questions for the theatres staff before or during the show, you can ask them in the chat. Be aware that it is possible to chat publicly and privately in the zoom-chat.