About Future V

Future V is Teater Vs new virtual stage and the format shown here is Digidrama. An innovative artistic format, based on newly written fictive stories, made specifically for the new digital communication- and conference platforms.

We call it New Danish Digidrama.

The shows are live, just like the classical theatre experience, as opposed to film, TV and series fiction.
Everyone will be able to sense the here and now, exactly as they would in todays physical theatres. Everyone will experience being present and together, while still being home in front of their own screen. The audience can react/interact e.g. by – digitally – applauding the actors.

The format is exclusive, just like the physical format, and is only available to the people present. It is possible to sell tickets, which makes for a secure business-model for theatre and actors both.

The New Danish Digidrama can be produced, shown and experienced, even here during the corona crisis, but of course after as well.

To sum up; a new artistic format, breaking the mold and disrupting the classical physical theatre format.